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Re: Sustainable energy (05/07/18 19:13:31)
    it is all there for our use:

    gravity energy from the sun = 0 mining cost, nearly infinite duration ( if we can't drive the earth away from the red giant when the time comes, we will do something else. )

    hydrogen + carbon + solar energy = hydrocarbons; renewable and sustainable

    hydrogen + oxygen = water

    water + solar energy = hydrogen and oxygen which can be catalysed into ... water + usable energy work output

    you're a chemist, which as Feynman says is sort of a junior grade physicist, so you can see this is quite simple.

    it's the removal of the charlatans, oligarchs, and thieves that block the energy which is so abundantly surrounding us.

    is us.

    don't take my word for it:

    " The average peak pressure near the centre is about 10^35 pascals, which exceeds the pressure estimated for the most densely packed known objects in the Universe, neutron stars."


    and yet they don't state the obvious which that even withing the neutron stars are the googol number of protons which are packed in there.

    it's far more simple than tptb let on, to maintain their hold, the powers of suggestion and programming and hypnotic command

    yet the power is everywhere and free to everyone.

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Re: Sustainable energy