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Sustainable energy (25/06/18 10:45:18)
    Whatever one may think about the cause of the climate change/global warming/ thawing of Arctic and Antarctic ice and European and Asian glaciers - future energy should not depend on tapping fossil fuels - I include uranium and thorium in the term. Too polluting or potentially polluting. (There is a very large thorium field in .no. Mining it is a horror story

    There is no reason to believe that this effort of establishing sustainable energy systems for the world is one for the masses: too much knowledge and creativity are needed, and there must be time and space and economy for probing theoretical possibilities by building prototypes. Politicians must be kept out because they need short term successes to justify the expenses - and short-term successes are unlikely.
    Some sort of skunkworks might function: the point is that political posturing and micromanagement will be destructive. So it will need funding, and it will need cover from ambitious and greedy people.

    So - batteries may serve for a while. Solar and wind together with hydroelectric energies look promising. You cannot run a large aircraft on batteries: the energy density is too low. And you cannot do aluminium smelting or steelmaking by with wind or solar power: Those systems require continuous supply of energy.

    Already today hydroelectric power can supply acceptable energy to smelters. There is still a long process ahead of us before jet engines can be powered sustainably.

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Sustainable energy