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Energy and water (22/06/18 08:06:45)
    Nobody needs to argue for the importance of food production. Nobody needs to argue about the importance of energy supplies. Bioenergy seems like a problem when ethanol and biodiesel compete with food production and conservation of nature. Usually the debate is a polarised and impossible one - with fundamentalists on both sides taking the most active part. It is either the freedom of capitalism, or the uncompromising aversion against all sorts of tampering with the existing natural environment.

    The old agriculture had to be self-sufficient in all respects. Horses were essential for ploughing and transport. One estimate was that feeding the horses took some 15 percent of the production on a farm. So agriculture-for-energy isn't new.

    As always, the question is how.


    And then the water. I think we see - with the climate change (manmade or not - doesn't matter in this context) - more extremes. We saw it here this spring: More snow during winter, flooding of the rivers owing to sudden melting when the temperatures suddenly became summerly, and then a long drought severe enough to impair growth.

    There is buffering of water in the regulation of rivers. But should there be more? Localised water depots? Can we learn from Dune?

    Digging wells in arid areas solves an immediate problem, but may worsen the long-term prospects. Some know that already. So perhaps more decentral water storage should be one of the areas to explore in depth - with the aim of constructing cheap and sustainable systems applicable on short notice in a number of different environments?

    Anyway, it's better than investing in weapons. But how can we bend the powers that be?

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Energy and water