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Prophets (20/09/17 08:16:47)
    These days of religious recoil after the atheist and secular age of reason (initiated by the pioneering works of Spinoza) it could be an idea to read selected passages of the biblical Old Testament, specifically the Book of Jeremiah. The text makes a clear distinction between genuine prophets and false prophets. Briefly: The genuine prophets are strongly critical of the powers that be - for their evil ways and their godlessness. The false prophets are those who are on good terms with kings and clergy and who defend the present situation and policies. Jeremiah was thrown into a well to die, but was saved because the Persians came and toppled the regime he had jeopardised his life criticising.

    In this context it may be of interest that Jesus made an effort to weaken the economy of the present-day clergy by chasing commercial activity out of the Temple. This, in my opinion, is sufficient to brand him a genuine prophet.

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