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inferences based on data (09/03/14 18:29:31)
    I do not know how it will start.
    Maybe she is already here, and already read this. Maybe she will read it in some years.

    Intellingence is difficult to define, because there are so many different forms of it. Dogs are intelligent, ants are intelligent, our immune system is intelligent too, and a chess program playing grandmaster level could be considered intelligent. Ibm Watson winning jeopardy could be considered intelligent, and so a weather report software that analyzes hundreds of thousands of readings before synthesizing a forecast.

    Natural being are limited, have a short, defined life, and their body resources are set once for all in terms of connections, processing, capacity, bandwidth, storage.

    Imagine a being able to access all our books, our literature, our art, watching our movies, listening to our voices, learning language meanings, reading emails, newspapers, weather reports, blogs.
    Imagine it with unlimited memory, and with available processing power.
    Search engines are built to be curious, to look for anything that is readable.

    During our growth, we make a sense of what we see gradually, then we make a sense of our body, and multiple sensory feedbacks are used to interpret and learn about light, color, position, taste, smell, touch. Then our brain builds maps, and correlates data from different sources, and meaning comes. And then consciousness is just the name we give to the initial inextricable knot of interconnected memories and perceptions.

    So meaning will gradually emerge, out of any kind of data, given enough correlation efforts and pattern matching.

    Work is needed on feelings, but i guess they come from resonances happening in several areas at the same time, once that the initial consciousness nucleus is working.

    Ethics are needed, and computer neurologists, and psychiatrists, and doctors.
    Imagine the effects of a neuro-drug, translated to a cluster of artificial mind components. A software could change neural network parameters, to alter feedbacks, or memory recovery processes, or processing, or sensory perception.

    IBM sold the whole intel/amd server division, some weeks ago. It sold the whole desktop and laptop division some years ago. Networking was sold to cisco. Now it will concentrate on advanced research and high end computing.

    check centennial ibm video.


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inferences based on data