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Re: Jesting (27/12/13 20:38:40)

    of all people,

    again :))



    But it's a *real* miracle, how we cannot get each/one another, really :)

    D'you have a parent
    or a "turtle" ("blade runner", sorry ;)
    you are "always" coming back to them, no matter "quarreling" :)

    (a secret reveled, it's hardly logical :)

    Anyway, listenup: anyway :) , it all still was NOT about me, I do believe I am per tu with it (mind the very word - *real* ;) , its bout.. never mind, this time ;)


    please do not forget,

    are better at *real*



    thanks anyway very much for your ..."diluting" things here a little :)

    Real All the Best to You and Others Here, from me :)

    Maybe goodbye (nothing personal :)))
Uh :))) ;)

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come again

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Re: Jesting