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stings (27/12/13 08:25:32)
    I also "*have to*" point it out, have to admit, "for truths sake" as well :q, that for some reason I may find myself believing even in greater "stupidities" than probably any socalled "religious moron", or anybody else for that matter, ever has, himself..

    I mean.. "contradictions" :)

    Without/hating to go(ing) into all this "hidden shit", as "Somebody" here (:) already criticized me, rightly so could be..,
    about the only thing that I can say in my own defense now, is that "we", believe, see these matters/beliefs as a real thing, and not something "beyond" it seems to me

    but, fuck it
    (do you agree :)

    Maybe I shouldn't.. but let's also confess it that I've always been considering "parting" with the "school of though" I'd "embraced" (one reason maybe for me *liking* to softsoaping myself as being "radically antidogmatic" about it all.. :)
    (Just dont take me, for, too serious :)

    Btw, if I still come up with "something" (new :q), next time I'll need to refrain from giving it out over here seems to me, almost certainly..

    (could have been fine without all this probably ..

    or, could I :)

    Thanks for understanding,

    still friends? :)

    Go your own way, and..

    Regards :)

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