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Age and desires (29/01/14 18:19:00)
    What I think I need to know but don't yet know, I can go looking for. The easiest way is by Google. If I need something behind paywalls, I can go to a university library and look for it - and I regularly do.

    The knowledge they seem to be thnking of, seems like either simple nonfactual knowledge (emotions) or metadata of the type that Big Brother is gathering.

    There are large bodies of factual knowledge that I don't even know that I need, and I don't know that it exists because it goes beyond my imagination. It could be the stuff that makes living easier or the stuff that inventions are made of. I sometimes come across such knowledge - either because I'm googling what I thought could be an original idea (it never is) or because I read headlines indiscriminately and follow leads (links and references) into completely unknown knowledge territory.

    IMHO improvements in knowledge mining will have minimal commercial interest because people are interested in sports stars and rock musicians and movie stars and politicians' love life.

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Age and desires