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the sound of war (03/01/14 20:36:42) Reply
    we've heard & felt today around 13:30 when a digger touched a WW2 bomb, and that was > 20Km away, astonishing

Re: the sound of war (03/01/14 23:44:24) Reply
    Old TNT - it's incredibly stable. They take it out of old shells or bombs and melt it down and reuse it in new bombs or shells.

    So there must have been some ignition mechanism operating.

Re: Re: the sound of war (04/01/14 23:57:02) Reply
    ja, as you may guess, we have here a "explosive ordnance disposal unit" (Kampfmittelräumdienst), which deactivates only in my state several hundreds bombs every year, But this bomb was not seen before exploding :(
    Assumption is, that it was a air-mine, ment to detonate not on the ground, but to mainly destroy the roofs of the buildings, before the firebombs arrived.
    How it comes to this place is at the moment unknown.

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