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Re: Re: Re: Re: So how about creativity in 2017? (06/02/17 16:44:16)
    I used to be an avid reader of De Bono. But too much has happened since then, both to me and to the world. I think creativity has lost much of its meaning because hierarchic power has replaced expertise.

    There is nowadays a deep conflict between creative leaders and professional experts. Quite a few of those creative solutions are mere results of ignorance, laziness and unwillingness to study the existing facts. It is profoundly career-limiting to say that the emperor is strolling along with his butt bare, and it is useless to say it more discreetly. Posing, face saving, laziness and political correctness trump creativity all the time in technical places. A creative proposition coming from the wrong person will mean that the boss has not been up to the task. This is never taken lightly.

    With TV series it is easy to see that at some point the ideas are worn out. No number of "po" will flog new life into a dead horse.

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