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So how about creativity in 2017? (07/01/17 21:51:11)
    The know-it-alls who no longer are in the position to dictate my official opinions speak highly of creativity as as long as it is safely deposited with others or effectively walled-off. In the near area it is just frightening. But what is it?

    One sort of creativeness is a craziness - with ideas so far off that men in white coats and with restraining tools (straitjacket or drugs) can come and fetch at any time if arguments become heated. So it is easily dealt with.

    The other one is rational. To be creative within a rational system one has to know the system. One has to know what already exists - in order to know that it is new, either entirely or by the components or methods used to create it. So the creative person embarrasses the weak boss.

    The easiest way for a boss to cope is plain denial

    Spinoza was targeted by a hitman, but survived. Tesla had his laboratory burned down. Lavoisier was guillotined. Korolev went to Kolyma.

    Are you creative? Lie low.

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So how about creativity in 2017?