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Re: Re: Street lights (04/11/16 16:50:06)
    If you were living north of the Polar Circle, you would feel it strongly, I'm sure.

    I was born not too far south of the Circle, and as a child I did not think of the darkness - and I had to go to sleep too early to know about the white nights of the north.

    Now that I'm old I feel the difference a lot stronger. The white nights of summer are white enough at 60 degrees north, and the winter darkness is deep enough. But not that deep.

    Ages ago I lived at 70 degrees. There the sun never gets over the horizon during the midwinter days: there is only a red glare in the south at noon. When we were visiting parents at Christmas, it was an almost incredible relief to have sunshine at New Year's Day.

    I would not want to go back to live there. I'd be doing as the birds - migrate south to the daylight.

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Re: Re: Street lights