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Yikes (18/02/19 22:13:43) Reply
    I have access to nazi publications during WWII. Really disgusting stuff from really disgusting people. People who saw a way to power by licking the behinds of the occupants.
    Right-wing publications of today are more similar to the nazi stuff than I used to think. Poor on facts, style and relevance; rich on anger.

    Let me soften it with some music, some of the good stuff.


Re: Yikes (18/02/19 22:28:01) Reply
    The world is facing a population crisis, a climate crisis, a biodiversity crisis, a food distribution crisis, a number of religious fundamentalism crises with patriarchate as one common trait, a number of crises caused by criminal state rulers.

    Instead of helping alleviate these crises, the right wing people go about igniting in-fighting among the people who can make or support a change for the better.

    Shame on them.

Re: Re: Yikes (19/02/19 00:49:25) Reply
    > Shame on them.

    "The vote of the British citizenry to leave the EU two years ago was a shock to the Eurocrats. Britain's exit -- Brexit, for short -- is not yet a done deal. We will not know for sure until March 29: the deadline for Britain's departure. The House of Commons has not come to an agreement on the terms of departure. The EU's officials say there will be no more negotiations. But it looks as though, on March 29, there will be a "hard Brexit." That is the British Eurocrats' pejorative term for "clean break." The legal precedent will then be set. A nation can legally get out of the lobster trap of the EU. A majority of voters in a nation can have their way. Democracy can prevail.

    Eurocrats fear democracy, and for good reason. "

Re: Re: Yikes (01/03/19 12:22:59) Reply

Re: Re: Re: Yikes (01/03/19 14:25:54) Reply
    > "situated within the long tradition that stems from Marx and Weber and runs primarily through Critical Theory"

    That's all one needs to know about the "author". Not only fruitless, but dangerous to humanity pro-feudalistic dreamers, posing as "Progressives".

    Show me a single successful Marxist-Leninist society and I will tell you about life in the late USSR, that I remember all too well.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Yikes (01/03/19 16:53:08) Reply

just the right wing? (n/t) (20/02/19 08:33:55) Reply

bump? (n/t) (04/03/19 19:25:32) Reply

Re: "Only White People can be Racist" (05/03/19 03:15:32) Reply

    "If your skin color is white, only you can be a racist, and it’s impossible for you to be a victim".

"People who saw a way to power by licking the behinds of ..." (10/03/19 18:55:37) Reply
    Myeah, i see where this going....

    I was expecting someone else to reply but im not holding my breath :)

    At any rate, enjoy your new found freedom dear x-soviet...

Re: "People who saw a way to power by licking the behinds of ..." (13/03/19 21:59:04) Reply
    > At any rate, enjoy your new found freedom dear x-soviet...

    Know what? It's some kind of a Groundhog Day for me recently, I open my eyes and find myself in an upgraded, hi-tech version of USSR - with lying (mostly liberal, but not only) politicians, stupid sheeple munching on high fructose snacks watching global warming scam and other fake (liberal) "news" on their flat-screen TVs, crumbling infrastructure and all-penetrating surveillance (that KGB could only dream about back in the day). Add here flaming heart liberal snowflakes as interNAZIs together with flaming heart islamists hordes, who are surprisingly uniformly opposing freedom of speech and freedom of self-protection, and my "newly found freedom" shrinks to approximately as much, or even less, than it was back in 1984 "back there" :-))))

...licking the behinds of... She wanted me to call her a fascist. He wanted me to call him a dirty Arab. (21/03/19 15:58:21) Reply

broken. lol. nvm. (n/t) (21/03/19 16:00:35) Reply

come again

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