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Re: Sustainable futures (30/11/17 00:39:58)
    there's a remarkable gravity powered free energy machine that our spaceship keeps revolving around.

    people are remarkably stupid and stubborn, especially the "smart" ones.

    nuclear fusion is going on right now. 8 or so light minutes away.

    but nooooo it's not 100% efficient, so there must be a better way ( since when has 100% efficiency been achieved in energy transfer, ever? formula one engines just broke 50% this past year.)

    so they try to make fusion in a torus, rather than utilize the free fusion going on above them.

    fortunately there's probably a few hundred million years to go on the free gravity energy round the solar system.

    unfortunately there's no time left to cease the destruction of wilderness habitat by humans due to overpopulation.

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Re: Sustainable futures