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Re: Tranquility never gets old (13/07/16 21:58:38)
    I am just here to reveal forgotten truths, swimming in the subconscious of the total collection of mankinds knowledge, I cant but feel invisible, what is once was in a different form, its like I don't belong to the present. I cant put my finger on it though what is it I am looking for I mean i could shape the world in what ever form I want to, shhhhhhhhhhh keep quite people might think i am crazy talking to myself they already think i am weird because i am not like them, when you do some thing uncompromisingly every day it eventually becomes a norm so i must keep my faith, I'll patiently wait for the day tranquility comes to my mind, the day my environment is changed by my will, this is not where my generation end


After thought

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Re: Tranquility never gets old