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Re: Re: What a modest proposal! (19/01/16 21:16:07)
    I'm a simple man and don't know what to make of this.

    I don't believe that racism or religionism - in any form or with any pretext - can be sustainable. There will be diffusion - religiously and racially - and eventually the system will collapse in corruption and violence after the bigots have been exposed and shamed.

    The age of reason is over, and we are back to cultures that are described in Herodotus' Histories - except that the Internet will serve to expose and shame the powers that be. Nothing can be kept secret for long. We don't need to look in the archives - we can have someone losing a USB stick or HD.

    White supremacy? I am working in a system where the most positive and ambitious and energetic and knowledgeable workers are dark-skinned ladies with hijabs. I have said before, and I repeat it: Macho islam is doomed. Those circumcised sex maniacs can make a lot of killings and lots of mayhem - but those guys are really pathetic losers. Their smart sisters are going to play them out - and their only chance of recovery will be to change their ways to make themselves attractive to the smart ladies.

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Re: Re: What a modest proposal!