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Re: Taharrush Gamea (12/01/16 12:01:25)
    Ages ago I invented the phrase "evidence based politics". I did not think more thoroughly over it then AFAICR, but I see it now as a contrast to "politics based on wishful thinking". Immigration politics have been of the latter type - apparently based on the belief that self-regulation within the immigrant societies would lead to integration and adoption of the culture and behavioural codes of the receiving country. This has not been the case, and all of a sudden it became clear even to some of the most stubborn of our fact-denying politicians.

    Self-regulation works in some settings, but not in the industry, not in the financial sector, not in behaviour (what else is the point of upbringing?), not in education (would the majority take the trouble of learning to read, calculate and write if they were not forced to learn it in school? There must be rule of law, and laws must apply to all, regardless of ethnic origin or gender or place in society. Crime cannot be prevented by denying the existence of it.

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Re: Taharrush Gamea