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Regulation and deregulation (10/01/16 12:31:29)
    (it is on topic)
    We've seen the negative sides of deregulation of the financial sector - with the perversion of the free market resulting in taxpayers taking the losses while the bankers and managers not only stay out of jail, but even keep the bonuses and profits.

    We have been living with a mix of regulated and deregulated religion in Western Europe. During the last decades we have imported a large number of religious people who do not belong to our regulatory system - but a system financed and regulated from countries like Saudi Arabia. It is time for regulatory action. Governments will have to enforce pruning of the texts and take control of the teachings of the religion.

    Perhaps it is relevant to look into the non-regulation of recreational drugs apart from alcohol. Governments have tried to keep down drug use by banning it and by letting the police do all the dirty work. Illegal drug use has not disappeared, and drug mafias are thriving by means of large-scale smuggling, large-scale corruption - and extreme profits because the substances are illegal. Banning alcohol - AFAIK - helped a lot in building the US mafia. So - a well-designed regulatory system, and some decades of trial-and-error - might do the job.

    I think there are too many similarities. Both recreational drugs and aggressive religion would need regulatory action.

    A word of warning, though: Medicinal drugs have a long tradition for being tightly regulated. Corrupting the regulatory system has proved a very profitable tactic - specially because the industry has been shrewd enough to corrupt the system so stealthily that most haven't noticed. Really? If you don't believe me, then just have a look at the cost of new drugs compared to the benefit they give to the patients - and then consider that the clinical trial patients are highly selected in order to maximise the apparent benefit - which is the basis for the subsequent regulatory action.

    So in any effort one should take a step back and look at the overall picture. Staring into details might give an entirely wrong impression.

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Regulation and deregulation