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Self-defense (10/01/16 11:21:14)
    Sometimes the left-wing attitude towards aggressive islamism is the one of meek christianity: just turn the other cheek - and everything will be OK. Let them have their way, and then they will be satisfied and hold the peace.
    They will not. They will demand more - and once they have succeeded, they will go for even more. One day they will be too strong to stop, and the opposition will be too weak to resist. History has shown that turning the other cheek does not work. Weak resistance does not work either. What one needs is being more stubborn - but disciplined and structured.

    The religious are afraid of their god and the post-death punishments and possibly the worst of them seek the rewards of the heavenly whorehouse. The secular should be more afraid to have their daughters and granddaughters losing the hard-won rights of education, family planning and free speech. Censorship and punishment of hate speech - even in religious texts - is self-defense.

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