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So - history (10/01/16 10:11:00)
    In Europe "we" have been struggling for centuries against rulers, religions and reactionaries - (thumbs up to Spinoza) to gain freedom of speech, equal rights for women, right to education for all, abolishment of draconical punishment. I accept no tolerance towards those who want to tear all that down to replace it with old religious regimes. I do not want a rule by Allah's hooligans. We have seen the results from Hitler's/Goebbels' and Lenin's hooligans, and I think there is every reason to be willing to act resolutely and early against them. We could start by banning the crime-inducing passages of the koran except in academic studies. No place for them in places open to the public. So - yes - I go for censorship on religion. Religion has been doing censorship of "us" for centuries. It is about time to turn their own practice against them.

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So - history