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Later...  (08/01/16 01:35:12)
    What happened in Cologne on 31st Dec (and elsewhere) is a banality. A group of around a thousand persons, many of them pretty drunk, figured that making party was pelting each other with firecrackers. That's weird, but on of the accepted weirdnesses of New Year's Eve in my country. Except from the firecracker part, similar scenes could be seen on every Munich Oktoberfest, Stuttgart Cannstatter Wasen, Cologne or Mainz carnival or on lots of other opportunities.

    Anyway. Small groups of those people in Cologne (The police described them as "looking north-african or Arabic") attacked other people, many of them women. Well, in many islamic culture groups, there *is* a view on women any Westerner might call problematic. But one has to discern views from deeds and thoughts from violence. Which does not happen. All over this country, people who look like they might be from an Arabic or North African region face hostility - and have been facing hostility for quite some time, especially in the area of the
    former GDR - in my fron yard.

    There's a difference between the Cologne criminals and people who look similar.
    Being civilized means meeting 9 arabic evildoers and refraining from shooting the 10th. Distinction is civilisation.

    I you ask me, the sudden interest in women's rights is made up. It is used as a vehicle to transport right-wing opinions. It's not as if Germany had ever been overly strong on women's rights. Except they are violated by men "looking north-african or Arabic"..

    Btw, whatever anybody might reply: I'm not easily trolled. Don't expect me to answer. I made my point, that's it

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