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Re: on reflection (08/01/16 00:15:51)
    Some people actually think that bad words are equal ( or worse ) to physical violence

    Would you like a list of the recent right-wing attacks on refugees, refugee camps or planned refugee camps? Happens more or less right in front of my door, here in Saxony. Daily. For months. I'm fed up with it.

    This is also my country. And in my country, refugees should get treated ok - unless they prove (individually) that they don't want to be treated that way. What happens now? Politics. All over Europe. Crazy bunch of nationalist politicans having been instigating for years and now, taking advatage of the current refugee crisis, somehow prevailing.

    There was the Lega Nord in Italy, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, the Vlaams Block in Belgium, Front National in France. Then Orban came up in Hungary. YuKIP in UK. Now Poland, Czechia and - partly - Germany.

    Where will this lead us from here?


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Re: on reflection