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    I read in today's newspaper that imams tell their believers that they are superior to christians and jews - and women too. So we are into the system of male muslim supremacy, based on canonical texts of that book of theirs.

    It is high time to weed out the crime supporting passages of that book - the actual translation of thoughtcrimes into real crimes: murders, swindle and theft, and rape. The muslims cannot do it themselves - just look at all those dysfunctional societies with islam as the state religion. So it has to be done for them by nonbelievers. The western koran - with the crime promotions removed - should be the only one permissible in the west - and the original could easily be banned. This is a job for politicians. If they don't do it, they would need to be replaced.

    It could be done by a crowd review - using Google Docs.

    Starting now: It could be a reformation - 500 years after Martin Luther. 95 theses on the mosque in Wittenberg, anyone?


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