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for you, my too friendly friend GS (05/01/16 21:14:29) Reply
    from BBC:
    The mayor of Cologne has summoned police for crisis talks after about 80 women reported sexual assaults and muggings by men on New Year’s Eve.

    The scale of the attacks on women at the city’s central railway station has shocked Germany. About 1,000 drunk and aggressive young men were involved.

    City police chief Wolfgang Albers called it “a completely new dimension of crime”. The men were of Arab or North African appearance, he said.

    Women were also targeted in Hamburg.

    But the Cologne assaults – near the city’s iconic cathedral – were the most serious, German media report. At least one woman was raped, and many were groped.

    Most of the crimes reported to police were robberies. A volunteer policewoman was among those sexually molested.
    "On the longer run, these people - if integrated well - will work and pay taxes and contribute to our social security systems." (GS)
    yes, please do the integration asap dear Gregor

Re: for you, my too friendly friend GS (06/01/16 14:09:26) Reply
    Well, his otherwise so very lively and up-to-date twitteraccount is awfully quiet about this one or my german must be really bad and i have missed it somewhere. Gs, i would like to see a reaction here too. I'm afraid i have to support dom on this one. People who have studied economics know that these people will never contribute to our social security systems. Just asking to be a bit less idealistic and a bit more realistic,..

Re: Re: for you, my too friendly friend GS (06/01/16 18:56:33) Reply
    No clue how you come to know my Twitter account, but nevertheless...

    Over the years, I've learned to *not* tweet about certain topics. Twitter is inapt as a medium for discussion.

Re: Re: for you, my too friendly friend GS (06/01/16 21:06:35) Reply
    "these people will never contribute to our social security systems"
    Yes, i fear the economics are right as i wrote earlier

Re: Re: Re: for you, my too friendly friend GS (14/01/16 22:22:53) Reply
    another welfæry recipient, no doubt paying tens of thousands of euros back into the system.


    integrating nicely. because, you know, the swedes prevent food from growing everywhere else by unicorn magic.

Re: for you, my too friendly friend GS (06/01/16 14:10:14) Reply
    Well, his otherwise so very lively and up-to-date twitteraccount is awfully quiet about this one or my german must be really bad and i have missed it somewhere. Gs, i would like to see a reaction here too. I'm afraid i have to support dom on this one. People who have studied economics know that these people will never contribute to our social security systems. Just asking to be a bit less idealistic and a bit more realistic,..

Re: for you, my too friendly friend GS (06/01/16 18:54:42) Reply
    Your post implies that the people that committed those crimes in Cologne (and Hamburg, btw) belonged to the refugees/asylum seekers.
    The plain answer is: They don't.

    In the post you quote I had been talking about refugees.
    Moreover: Even a dozen black sheep don't turn a flock of sheep into a pack of wolves.

Re: Moreover (06/01/16 19:30:14) Reply
    In other words, how many bad apples does it take to spoil the whole bunch?

Re: Re: for you, my too friendly friend GS (06/01/16 20:57:00) Reply
    Yes & No Sir, there are muslim gangs at Cologne at least since 2014, but that was not the main problem this time.

    "Dem Polizisten gelang es, etwa acht verdächtige Männer aus der Menge zu holen und festzunehmen. „Sie hatten alle kopierte Papiere dabei, Aufenthaltsbescheinigungen für Asylverfahren.“

    A policeman checked 8 men & all had a copied residence permit for asylum-seekers.

    This is not the style of organised crime gangs.
    Back to language, a refugee is not only a refugee but a muslim too and if it is a male, we have to expect Tahrir places.
    i'm not sure GS, are that really your thoughts, or is that a political opinion?

Re: Re: Re: for you, my too friendly friend GS (07/01/16 02:46:42) Reply
    i'm not sure GS, are that really your thoughts, or is that a political opinion?

    Well, it's what I think. Fortunately, I happen to be in a political party, where this is the opinion of the majority of its members.

Re: ...ality check! (07/01/16 09:21:54) Reply
    "Your post implies that the people that committed those crimes in Cologne (and Hamburg, btw) belonged to the refugees/asylum seekers.
    The plain answer is: They don't."

    Uhu. So, now that turns out that the correct answer is "they do!", don't you agree that maybe it's time for you and the majority of your political party to get a reality check, concluding that your idealism is the cause of our daughters being raped?

Re: Re: ...ality check! (07/01/16 23:38:28) Reply
    don't you agree that maybe it's time for you and the majority of your political party to get a reality check, concluding that your idealism is the cause of our daughters being raped?

    Well, lemme think for a minute.... No.

Later...  (08/01/16 01:35:12) Reply
    What happened in Cologne on 31st Dec (and elsewhere) is a banality. A group of around a thousand persons, many of them pretty drunk, figured that making party was pelting each other with firecrackers. That's weird, but on of the accepted weirdnesses of New Year's Eve in my country. Except from the firecracker part, similar scenes could be seen on every Munich Oktoberfest, Stuttgart Cannstatter Wasen, Cologne or Mainz carnival or on lots of other opportunities.

    Anyway. Small groups of those people in Cologne (The police described them as "looking north-african or Arabic") attacked other people, many of them women. Well, in many islamic culture groups, there *is* a view on women any Westerner might call problematic. But one has to discern views from deeds and thoughts from violence. Which does not happen. All over this country, people who look like they might be from an Arabic or North African region face hostility - and have been facing hostility for quite some time, especially in the area of the
    former GDR - in my fron yard.

    There's a difference between the Cologne criminals and people who look similar.
    Being civilized means meeting 9 arabic evildoers and refraining from shooting the 10th. Distinction is civilisation.

    I you ask me, the sudden interest in women's rights is made up. It is used as a vehicle to transport right-wing opinions. It's not as if Germany had ever been overly strong on women's rights. Except they are violated by men "looking north-african or Arabic"..

    Btw, whatever anybody might reply: I'm not easily trolled. Don't expect me to answer. I made my point, that's it

Sure, gs (08/01/16 15:45:51) Reply
    We are trolls and what happened in these places were...banalities.
    So THAT's why it wasn't in the media for days!

    Please forgive me for being such a drama queen.

    Now, where did i leave my rose-tinted glasses...

banalities of evil (09/01/16 18:30:04) Reply

    all is well, remain calm.

Re: Re: Re: Re: for you, my too friendly friend GS (08/01/16 21:30:32) Reply
    OK, you have no chance to follow the local news, but you should be ready to rethingk again. For example, a lot of the stolen mobiles are located now in refugee camps.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: for you, my too friendly friend GS (12/01/16 22:02:02) Reply
    till now it are 650 complains to the police
    How does it feel to be a co-perpetrator?

Internal messages (07/01/16 21:05:24) Reply
    I read in today's newspaper that imams tell their believers that they are superior to christians and jews - and women too. So we are into the system of male muslim supremacy, based on canonical texts of that book of theirs.

    It is high time to weed out the crime supporting passages of that book - the actual translation of thoughtcrimes into real crimes: murders, swindle and theft, and rape. The muslims cannot do it themselves - just look at all those dysfunctional societies with islam as the state religion. So it has to be done for them by nonbelievers. The western koran - with the crime promotions removed - should be the only one permissible in the west - and the original could easily be banned. This is a job for politicians. If they don't do it, they would need to be replaced.

    It could be done by a crowd review - using Google Docs.

    Starting now: It could be a reformation - 500 years after Martin Luther. 95 theses on the mosque in Wittenberg, anyone?


Re: Internal messages (14/01/16 20:33:38) Reply

    must not offend.


    the profit commands it.

    It is a worrying development of such weak minds and characters that they applaud censorship in the name of hurt feelings. The Age of the Wimp is nearing its zenith and the consequences will continue to be severe for some time yet.


don't be too hard on them (07/01/16 17:01:29) Reply
    After all socialism, national or international does need it's muscle, and let's face it, the blackblock are a bunch of pussies. no one in the balckblock has beheaded anyone, or trained to be a suicide bomber, or be ready at any instant to stab a Jew. So like they say, the tired Euro population must be replaced with fascists who aren't afraid to rape, pillage and behead with the best of them.

    step aside SJW pussies, jihad leads the way.

    oh and "Participation trophies for everyone" because, you know we all are EQUAL, all people, all religions, all civilisations past and present, ergo:

    “what happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women.” - you can search the quote.

on reflection (07/01/16 17:25:07) Reply
    The quote; “what happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women.” actually implies a slight in-equality, damn those "right wingers," being un-equal AGAIN!

    Some people actually think that bad words are equal ( or worse ) to physical violence. That hurting the feelings of "moderates" is as bad as rape, murder and slavery. Really. No, really.

    I expect there will eventually be a reparations program for 1400 years of hurting moderate's feelings, being unfairly targeted for the actions of a few bad apples who do not practice the true faith, which is apparently written somewhere else than in the actual texts of the faith.

Re: on reflection (08/01/16 00:15:51) Reply
    Some people actually think that bad words are equal ( or worse ) to physical violence

    Would you like a list of the recent right-wing attacks on refugees, refugee camps or planned refugee camps? Happens more or less right in front of my door, here in Saxony. Daily. For months. I'm fed up with it.

    This is also my country. And in my country, refugees should get treated ok - unless they prove (individually) that they don't want to be treated that way. What happens now? Politics. All over Europe. Crazy bunch of nationalist politicans having been instigating for years and now, taking advatage of the current refugee crisis, somehow prevailing.

    There was the Lega Nord in Italy, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, the Vlaams Block in Belgium, Front National in France. Then Orban came up in Hungary. YuKIP in UK. Now Poland, Czechia and - partly - Germany.

    Where will this lead us from here?


Re: don't be too hard on them (08/01/16 00:02:29) Reply
    I guess what Jäger wanted to make clear ist that the right-wing does try to exploit what happened at Cologne, Hamburg and elsewhere. Which is true.

Re: Re: don't be too hard on them (08/01/16 21:38:17) Reply
    Jäger dismissed the president of cologne's police department Wolfgang Albers, but with the full income ???

I see a problem here (09/01/16 13:39:23) Reply
    Blanket dismissal of a worry or an argument because it it borne forth by right-wing extremists is problematic and serves to feed people into right-wing extremist movements. Worries and arguments need to be taken seriously by moderates and liberals. When necessary, immigrant behaviours and beliefs must be challenged also by the left wing. This popularity seeking among islamists should take an end. When do the left wing people criticise the discrimination of women in the islamic societies of Western Europe? Or the death threats against homosexuals or people who wish to leave the faith?

    I consider myself rather left-wing - and I feel badly let down by the left wing.

Another democratic problem (10/01/16 09:20:30) Reply
    We've seen it in (a noncomplete list) Egypt, Turkey. Hungary, Russia, and now: Poland: After winning elections the government establishes mechanisms and institutions that limit the possibility of getting rid of the government by means of elections. Democratic systems are used to initiate the process of dismantling democracy. The new powers are not the ones I would like to see because they seem to de deeply reactionary: It's Kinder Kirche Küche once more. It is the right wing forcing itself into the mainstream. The left, who should be our guards against the arrogant institutions (industry, religion, government) let us down with their indolent tolerance instead of feeding new thoughts into the struggle for freedom of thought and speech.

So - history (10/01/16 10:11:00) Reply
    In Europe "we" have been struggling for centuries against rulers, religions and reactionaries - (thumbs up to Spinoza) to gain freedom of speech, equal rights for women, right to education for all, abolishment of draconical punishment. I accept no tolerance towards those who want to tear all that down to replace it with old religious regimes. I do not want a rule by Allah's hooligans. We have seen the results from Hitler's/Goebbels' and Lenin's hooligans, and I think there is every reason to be willing to act resolutely and early against them. We could start by banning the crime-inducing passages of the koran except in academic studies. No place for them in places open to the public. So - yes - I go for censorship on religion. Religion has been doing censorship of "us" for centuries. It is about time to turn their own practice against them.

Self-defense (10/01/16 11:21:14) Reply
    Sometimes the left-wing attitude towards aggressive islamism is the one of meek christianity: just turn the other cheek - and everything will be OK. Let them have their way, and then they will be satisfied and hold the peace.
    They will not. They will demand more - and once they have succeeded, they will go for even more. One day they will be too strong to stop, and the opposition will be too weak to resist. History has shown that turning the other cheek does not work. Weak resistance does not work either. What one needs is being more stubborn - but disciplined and structured.

    The religious are afraid of their god and the post-death punishments and possibly the worst of them seek the rewards of the heavenly whorehouse. The secular should be more afraid to have their daughters and granddaughters losing the hard-won rights of education, family planning and free speech. Censorship and punishment of hate speech - even in religious texts - is self-defense.

Regulation and deregulation (10/01/16 12:31:29) Reply
    (it is on topic)
    We've seen the negative sides of deregulation of the financial sector - with the perversion of the free market resulting in taxpayers taking the losses while the bankers and managers not only stay out of jail, but even keep the bonuses and profits.

    We have been living with a mix of regulated and deregulated religion in Western Europe. During the last decades we have imported a large number of religious people who do not belong to our regulatory system - but a system financed and regulated from countries like Saudi Arabia. It is time for regulatory action. Governments will have to enforce pruning of the texts and take control of the teachings of the religion.

    Perhaps it is relevant to look into the non-regulation of recreational drugs apart from alcohol. Governments have tried to keep down drug use by banning it and by letting the police do all the dirty work. Illegal drug use has not disappeared, and drug mafias are thriving by means of large-scale smuggling, large-scale corruption - and extreme profits because the substances are illegal. Banning alcohol - AFAIK - helped a lot in building the US mafia. So - a well-designed regulatory system, and some decades of trial-and-error - might do the job.

    I think there are too many similarities. Both recreational drugs and aggressive religion would need regulatory action.

    A word of warning, though: Medicinal drugs have a long tradition for being tightly regulated. Corrupting the regulatory system has proved a very profitable tactic - specially because the industry has been shrewd enough to corrupt the system so stealthily that most haven't noticed. Really? If you don't believe me, then just have a look at the cost of new drugs compared to the benefit they give to the patients - and then consider that the clinical trial patients are highly selected in order to maximise the apparent benefit - which is the basis for the subsequent regulatory action.

    So in any effort one should take a step back and look at the overall picture. Staring into details might give an entirely wrong impression.

Comrades! (07/01/16 18:18:34) Reply
    It appears that our great memory-hole upgrade 2+2=5 year plan is behind schedule due to the recent un-events that have recently NEVER taken place.


    In addendum we must also make a new glorious 2+2=5 year plan to increase the number of "room 101s" to accommodate a vastly increased amount of thought-rapists.

    we could make all these thought-criminals un-persons, but we do not yet have the required imports from eastasia to replace them all.


    learnin' 2 luv bb agin!


minitru is efficient (12/01/16 20:10:15) Reply



    add in the car burnings across france and benelux, too.

    Nothing to see here, moooove along

Taharrush Gamea (11/01/16 20:51:41) Reply

Re: Taharrush Gamea (11/01/16 23:19:08) Reply
    It's a game, "weird", but just a game.

    Women did not have rights anyway,
    not in Germany,
    not n Sweden,
    not in Finland,...

    All is well, remain calm.

Re: Taharrush Gamea (12/01/16 12:01:25) Reply
    Ages ago I invented the phrase "evidence based politics". I did not think more thoroughly over it then AFAICR, but I see it now as a contrast to "politics based on wishful thinking". Immigration politics have been of the latter type - apparently based on the belief that self-regulation within the immigrant societies would lead to integration and adoption of the culture and behavioural codes of the receiving country. This has not been the case, and all of a sudden it became clear even to some of the most stubborn of our fact-denying politicians.

    Self-regulation works in some settings, but not in the industry, not in the financial sector, not in behaviour (what else is the point of upbringing?), not in education (would the majority take the trouble of learning to read, calculate and write if they were not forced to learn it in school? There must be rule of law, and laws must apply to all, regardless of ethnic origin or gender or place in society. Crime cannot be prevented by denying the existence of it.

sending the wrong message. (17/01/16 18:56:16) Reply

    I know, you're all tired already of all this; ignorance=bliss, the soma is wearing off, have another.

    In the future, you can look back to now as the quiet time where something could have been done without much trouble, and you'll long for these days.

Re: sending the wrong message. (17/01/16 23:50:38) Reply
    From Cologne there are till now > 650 notifications at the police, this is beyond a quiet time imvho

Re: sending the wrong message. (18/01/16 21:37:58) Reply

    since the 'Authorities' are just following orders to not do anything, the time is short to prepare, because people will only put up with so much. ergo these are still the quiet times, where voting, protests and legal means can still repel the invasion.

    there are dark forces creating this catastrophe, destroying the functioning world of from within. they want this fight. get your heads out of the sand.

    hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


others see it (19/01/16 02:18:55) Reply

    the desired outcome of ww3 is not set in stone, but unless people act decisively now it will occur.

    europe must remove the rot at the head of the fish and repatriate the invaders


What a modest proposal! (19/01/16 12:55:33) Reply

Re: What a modest proposal! (19/01/16 16:06:31) Reply
    I seem to remember "a friend" posted this once, a long long time ago...


    I wonder why Mr. Tefel Hall removed the article from his site.
    I do miss his "Academic Papers"...

    Love, peace, hugs and relaxado en persona ;)

Re: Re: What a modest proposal! (19/01/16 21:16:07) Reply
    I'm a simple man and don't know what to make of this.

    I don't believe that racism or religionism - in any form or with any pretext - can be sustainable. There will be diffusion - religiously and racially - and eventually the system will collapse in corruption and violence after the bigots have been exposed and shamed.

    The age of reason is over, and we are back to cultures that are described in Herodotus' Histories - except that the Internet will serve to expose and shame the powers that be. Nothing can be kept secret for long. We don't need to look in the archives - we can have someone losing a USB stick or HD.

    White supremacy? I am working in a system where the most positive and ambitious and energetic and knowledgeable workers are dark-skinned ladies with hijabs. I have said before, and I repeat it: Macho islam is doomed. Those circumcised sex maniacs can make a lot of killings and lots of mayhem - but those guys are really pathetic losers. Their smart sisters are going to play them out - and their only chance of recovery will be to change their ways to make themselves attractive to the smart ladies.

Re:modeled proposal. (20/01/16 18:50:22) Reply
    I too am a simple man and I'm not quite sure what is the purpose of your post and what should I make of it.

    While I agree with paragraph #2 in this post, I also think that imvho you are a little confused. Quite likely emotional too.
    In some respects, this thread reminds me of the Tunisia thread (Herodot included).
    "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

    White supremacy you say?

    His High Judgmental Supremacy, Judiciary Pag, L.I.V.R. (the Learned, Impartial, and Very Relaxed) sat back and sipped reflectively.
    OK," he said, "hear me, hear me. It's, like, these guys, you know, are entitled to their own view of the Universe.
    And according to their view, which the Universe forced on them, right, they did right.
    Sounds crazy, but I think you'll agree. They believe in ..."
    He consulted a piece of paper which he found in the back pocket of his Judicial jeans.
    "They believe in `peace, justice, morality, culture, sport, family life, and the obliteration of all other life forms'."
    He shrugged.
    "I've heard a lot worse," he said.

    Amusing, but beside the point.

    You will notice, that as a relapso, I know my place and did not meddle in the affairs of esteemed gentleman that do not concern me.
    I play my role and I gently asked a question of gs and applauded where i should in forseti's case, all as per the header of this forum.
    It is a strange header if you ask me. It kind of excludes the possibility of challenging your world view, doesn't it?
    But this was never really the scope and purpose of this forum.
    At any rate, this post was simply applauding forseti (the "friend" or the troll, as the case may be) arguing 2 conflicting viewpoints at once.
    Then again, Torquemada himself apparently was a converso. They are the worst kind. Not only they are traitors to their own kind but also do a great disservice to their converters.
    In fact, after reading both forseti's modest proposals, I am quite surprised that this place isn't filled with laughter.
    After all, I thought duplicity is quite amusing.
    For example: gather up African and Arab goons that were brought here by an unnamed power and send them to Palestine. And for gods sake take that gag out of Wallstrom's mouth.

    Age of reason you say? Spinoza? Try googling my name.
    Sadly, other interesting persona and subjects are not faring any better on the internets of duplicity and filth.
    Makes me miss the days when the internet was primarily for porn. At least that had some integrity.
    I think reason was delivered stillborn. DOA. Stop poking it with a stick, that's my job.

    In short, I would chose to remain a simple man and shy away from idealist friends such as gs or of sentimental fools such as myself.
    But its always nice to poke a silly "friendly" troll ;)
    I think forseti got my point. If not, I'll just sit back and relax while smiling and sip something...

    He scratched his crotch reflectively.
    "Freeeow," he said.
    He took another sip of water, then held it up to the light and frowned at it.
    He twisted it round.
    "Hey, is there something in this water?" he said.
    "Er, no, m'lud," said the Court Usher who had brought it to him, rather nervously.
    "Then take it away," snapped Judiciary Pag, "and put something in it."
Juan de Prado (relapso)

Re:minder (02/02/16 07:22:25) Reply
    While forseti takes his well deserved nap, you migth want to look in the archives and not lose your USB stick or HD.


Modest proposal - solved! (20/01/16 18:25:45) Reply
    Following the post above and this post, and since I too am very concerned about the invaders who are "ready at any instant to stab a Jew" and i agree that something must be done to remove the "rot at the head of the fish", I propose to implement This.
    Quite old, true, but should work wonderfully with slight adjustments.

    As usual, with L0ve and warm feelings of relaxado em carne ;)

come again

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