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Trump, and now Brexit (24/06/16 07:24:47) Reply
    We are indeed living in interesting times.

Déja vu (25/06/16 08:36:10) Reply
    In .no we had a referendum about the European Community in 1972 and a referendum about the European Union in 1994. (I was on the losing side in both.)

    The no side made great promises for an independent future.
    The yes side filled all available space with fear, uncertainty and doubt.

    In the end .no adapted all EU directives and the Schengen agreement, but stayed out of the Euro. .no may have lobbyists in Brussels, but no politicians in the parliament.

    In the end the UK will be ruled by the same people as before, but without the modifying and mellowing and moderating effect of EU. The Irish problem may return in a new and unexpected form.

    Anyway - the London City financial institutions have their means and methods. My guess is that Brexit will not make that much of a difference.

Re: Déja vu (28/06/16 20:59:35) Reply
    As pretty typical the mainstream media governed by the lizardmen from the conspiracy theories was quick to spread falsities how dumb and racist the British are.

    Because I'm living with the natives of the isles let me share with you their actual behavior from first hand:

    -They mostly voted out ( not all of them ).

    -They weren't happy about it, they know that they are screwed both ways but they felt it necessary to go this way. They AREN'T HAPPY ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW, BUT STILL FEEL IT THE NECESSARY THING TO DO. It pretty much comes through as a divorce. There WAS love, and they are sad that there is a need to split. Nobody jumps up and down waving the union jack singing happily ( well except me but, I was an eurosceptic weirdo since ages :D ). The only smile I've seen on one of my mates faces was when Cameron resigned.

    -They weren't voting mainly because the "immigration" problem, but because the wish to be "self-governed" ( whatever it worth ) instead of paying another bureaucratic overhead to dictate nonsense.

    -The natives are not dumber than any other given nation ( to my surprise they behaving with a lot more thought and reason than I would in this case ).

    -They couldn't be racist even if they try to - they just don't know how to do it. They generally don't have that system the German experienced with some decades back where your "race" is actually superior while other "races" are inferior. The nationalism as it was invented in the XIX. century never found roots on the British isles maybe couldn't get through the channel. They have INSTEAD their kind of feeling a national identity they would like to keep. Not because it is superior, but because it is them and theirs. Pretty much like "The Wind in the Willows" :-). They are also wonderfully tribal, which means "fucking Polish" is perfectly exchangeable with "fucking Geordie" and about as many others as many village/town/city are there - and it also means that if you behave as a polite or funny foreigner you can get a lot better treatment than somebody from the neighboring town who live all their lives there ( who are known to be pricks :D ). Polish isn't an inferior nation to look down on - it is just another tribe like all the others are. They aren't WORSE - just not in our tribe. But this is town against town, village against village, pub against pub maybe. This isn't racism.

    -Farage according to nearly everybody's opinion I know and including mine IS an idiot, but sadly this idiot was right again in a lot of things in his speech today.

    -The British way of doing things/law/government is MORAL and REASON based against the way it is done on the continent which is RULE based. I seriously think that this made it impossible for the British to understand the behavior of the Nazi Germany ( as following commands or whatever ). They still can't really work by rules written on paper if those rules are not right. Fucking EU should have asked some historian/sociologists before they tried.

Re: Re: Déja vu (30/06/16 08:24:42) Reply
    I recognise the emotionality. I recognise the disgust for the politicians-that-be. I see the real problem of sinking standards of living owing to offshoring and immigration.

    AFAIK there are no new and clean politicians waiting in the wings to take over. So I would be surprised if Brexit lives up to the expectations of those who voted for it.

Re: Re: Re: Déja vu (30/06/16 17:51:44) Reply
    "So I would be surprised if Brexit lives up to the expectations of those who voted for it."

    In short term - no. I would actually expect the "disobedient" Britons to be punished swiftly and severely somehow in the next few weeks/months, just to make an example of for others, currently mulling "younameit_exit" referendum(s).

    In long term - 4th Turning will not be avoided. While new boss will probably be the same or even worse than the old one, that's what is coming to pass, IMHO.

Re: Déja vu (25/07/16 12:44:47) Reply
    Frankfurt is preparing for at least 10.000 new jobs in the banking environment right now.

    As the housing situation has been tense for a lot of years, a movement of such extent (count families in...) within a few years would make it worse.

nigel en brux (28/06/16 13:36:53) Reply


Re: nigel en brux (29/06/16 15:57:43) Reply
    Great speech indeed. The Pendulum Reverses Again.

come again

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