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Re: Re: Trump and the failure of conventional wisdom (16/11/16 21:02:47)
    You can fool the woman
    One of these days, you're gonna
    Fool the man
    'Cause you've got the insight
    You can see a world of things
    They can't understand.

    You can say you're winning
    You can count the score
    And say you know that they've lost.
    But you'll end up admitting that
    The price is more than simply counting
    The cost.

    Ah yes, they're blind already.
    They're blind to love, blind to pain,
    Blind to hope, blind to gain.
    Ah you can fool them alright
    But can you fool the beast?

    You can fool the woman
    Anyone can see you're gonna
    Fool the man.
    'Cause you've ways of knowing.

    You can tell their pride will
    Make them blind in the end.
    And leave them blindly gazing"


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Re: Re: Trump and the failure of conventional wisdom