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Soft Machine (07/09/18 17:21:56)
    in their present incarnation started their 50th Anniversary Tour in my home town yesterday, and the Wife consented to accompany me.

    The greatest moments, maybe (at least to me) were their medley of John Marshall(77)'s drum solo and Hazard Profile Part 1 from Bundles. John Etheridge (70) is a true virtuoso on guitar. It's nice to have seen them live after all those years. And such a physically demanding drumming from such an old man!

    Out of Season was not on their list - but that would have required a keyboards player, which they didn't have.

    They played in a rather small club - in glaring contrast to the Roger Waters event at an indoor football stadium.

    So Al Stewart's words come to mind:

    "Newspaper headline
    Middle-East Deadline
    Jazz musicians are down on the breadline"


    Mads Eriksen

    is a well-respected guitar teacher.

    Eking out a living should not be necessary

    So brothers David and Mark Knopfler?
    The Hall of Fame would not pay David's fare. David struggles with financing his recordings.


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