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Re: philosophy, a dead "art" (27/02/17 06:40:04)
    My impression (I have not performed a comprehensive scientific study) is that the philosophers fail quite often when they pretend to connect philosophy and science. They are simply too weak on the science. The science is increasingly complex so that even scientists within a field cannot cope with the complexity. The time when being learned was sufficient for updated (state-of-the-art) philosophy has been over for a long time.

    Now there is a POTUS who is inaccurate about facts. There are others - and they are believed because the press, who should be policing such behaviour, is part of the inaccuracy process.

    The recent terror in Sweden - as reported by POTUS? It just didn't happen. That's news for the POTUS, and a misunderstanding or fabrication for others.

    So there is a need for the opposition to be accurate and reliable with facts. It could mean presentation of all the data for those interested, instead of cherrypicking of sensational or convenient single events. IMHO philosophy should be a help to live in the modern world - looking at today and looking forward - disconnected from special interests.

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Re: philosophy, a dead "art"