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Meeting? (07/10/14 05:36:53) Reply
    Some friends of mine (and me) are going to meet at http://www.deutschland-navigator.de/hotel-breitenbrunn-ot-rittersgruen-314024.html in November.

    So once more I had the idea to organize a meeting in the area.

    If this location was ok, I'd be proud to welcome you ebmb'ers there for a weekend. Lots of things would be there to visit nearby. Even famous places like Karlovy Vary (German: Karlsbad) would be near, Dresden and Prague not further than about 1,5 hours drive.

    What'dya think?

Re: Meeting? (10/10/14 04:41:43) Reply
    Presently in Miami Fl USA and planning a babysitting week in Bavaria in November -please give me a few days to arrange. I'll cross creeks to attend. Please give me emails. e@ebmb.de

come again

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