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Re: Re: Re: mobile spectrometer (10/05/14 20:23:33)
    I have great sympathy for the concept, but more from the healthcare side of it than the consumer quality tester side. For the consumer testing of food quality individual meters are a waste: It would be enough to test one sample from each batch of milk - or cheese - or baby food or canned tuna (for histamine from spoiling - not tasted, but experienced after eating). So an improvised neighbourhood lab would suffice - if the mafia permits it.

    Personal analytical instruments already exist in the shape of breath analyzers for alcohol, glucose meters, anticoagulant monitoring, lactic acid for sporters, beta hydroxy butyric acid for diabetes patients with poor control, cholesterol meters. All these methods are single-channel methods based on biological detection, usually enzymes. Ah yes, then we have the pregnancy tests, which are antibody-based.

    Spectrometers and chromatographs are - AFAIK - not yet ripe for the consumer market. The existing gadgets such as glucometers are complex enough - electronically

    http://www.ti.com/solution/medical_meters_portable#Design Considerations

    and chemically - and a chromatograph or spectrometer will be worse. But I'm sure one of those will go along with the first travellers to Mars.

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