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Re: Social networks or control of the society (28/01/14 16:35:10)
    I oppose, for as long as I can, enlisting with FB, G+ etc. Enormous breach of privacy.

    There are still things like I2P, which I like a lot recently (wish it would not be done in JAVA, though). I2P reminds me about the Internet how it used to be sometime in mid- to late 1990-s. Somewhat slow, but simple pages, informative/useful stuff for free ;-) , no advertisements.

    Btw, talking about advertisements - thanks to Fravia and some other folks, I learned about hosts file 'system wide' ads blocking and AdBlock Plus on the browser level. I haven't seen ads for years already. When I get to use somebody's else's 'unprotected' machine, I am largely lost at otherwise familiar websites, now distractingly full of aggravating ads (think FileHippo, weather sites and alike).

    Have you heard about free MS Win app HostsMan? If one knows how to configure it (namely, disable DNS client service and choose 'overwrite' rather than 'merge' for updates), it is absolutely priceless.

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Re: Social networks or control of the society