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5 Reasons We’re In This Mess (16/03/19 00:52:07) Reply
    "It’s a bummer to have to watch the end of what was a pretty bad ass civilization come tumbling down because muh feelings "

Hardscrabble Farmer

Crisis and no quick fix (17/03/19 11:30:28) Reply
    It has taken decades to dismantle what was good in the old system. The fixes for what was wrong in the old systems have been half-hearted and have had to struggle against sabotage on the top level (politicians) and the lower levels (lay people who have been losing power, prestige, money - or all - that's where some of the half-heartedness hides methinks).

    When the politicians cannot even agree about the situation, and some of them - implicitly - push for the final solution, then there is an urgent need for clean-up in the political classes and castes.

    Youngster rebellion against complacency in environmental policies is promising for the future. It is time to reconquer some power bases that are presently inhabited by unyielding reactionaries or their dummies. Let's hope their youthful eagerness can be tempered by some with experience and broad system knowledge.

Re: 5 Reasons We’re In This Mess - Toynbee&Quigley (21/04/19 20:30:26) Reply
    The other day I was looking for Toynbee without any previous knowledge but - I knew that a great generation of scientists turned scifi writers were fascinated with him ( Bradbury - Toynbee Convector ). Arnold J. Toynbee was a historian who made a try at sketching up the life cycles of civilizations - and was probably the first to say that civilizations can come and go including ours. He's got massive amount published - his abridged Study of history Vol. I.-VI. and Vol. VII.-XII. in two books are well over a thousand pages ( see them on libgen ).

    Now the interesting part for me was the next generation. Carrol Quigley seems to be a unique historian ( not that I know many ), as someone who tries to apply a seriously SCIENTIFIC approach to history. I think one of his point is that "civilizations" have instruments necessary to their function. With time those instruments turn into institutions and cease their original function, instead simply try to exist. And that is where the fuckup starts. Coz people instead of focusing on real problems need to get an instrument instead of the institution.
    Obviously Quigley is far more coherent and interesting than my scribble. I've got Tragedy&Hope which begins with a fair introduction to World History ( in fact I would be delighted to go back to when I was 10 years old and have this as my single source of history ), but I've got tired so I put it aside halfway. Now I got "The Evolution of Civilizations: An Introduction to Historical Analysis", and I found it lovely especially its approach. The only question is how he isn't more dominant in the field of history.
    "5 Reasons We’re In This Mess" seems to me the typical opposite of what Quigley tried to spread. It's general western intellectual whining - could have been written by any of us, with no scientific approach, not pointing at the real problems, and of course neither offering any solutions to them.

Re: Re: 5 Reasons We’re In This Mess - Toynbee&Quigley (22/04/19 23:14:26) Reply
    Haven't heard about Quigley, but will look into his writings (libgen rules, of course!). As for why isn't he more known - that's easy to guess. Anybody, depicting the right for self-defense and/or positive correlation between availability of cheap and efficient weapons and democracy is explicitly verboten in modern liberal media: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carroll_Quigley#Weapons_and_democracy
Dr. North's fan

Anybody, depicting the right for self-defense and/or positive correlation between availability of cheap and efficient weapons and democracy is explicitly verboten in modern liberal media (05/05/19 19:59:13) Reply
    So true...

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