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Re: "People who saw a way to power by licking the behinds of ..." (13/03/19 21:59:04)
    > At any rate, enjoy your new found freedom dear x-soviet...

    Know what? It's some kind of a Groundhog Day for me recently, I open my eyes and find myself in an upgraded, hi-tech version of USSR - with lying (mostly liberal, but not only) politicians, stupid sheeple munching on high fructose snacks watching global warming scam and other fake (liberal) "news" on their flat-screen TVs, crumbling infrastructure and all-penetrating surveillance (that KGB could only dream about back in the day). Add here flaming heart liberal snowflakes as interNAZIs together with flaming heart islamists hordes, who are surprisingly uniformly opposing freedom of speech and freedom of self-protection, and my "newly found freedom" shrinks to approximately as much, or even less, than it was back in 1984 "back there" :-))))

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Re: "People who saw a way to power by licking the behinds of ..."