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Re: Dirt cheap energy (26/11/18 09:56:07)
    Fossil energy has been dirt cheap for ages, even though it has not seemed like that in the less privileged countries. In rich countries it is so affordable that it can be wasted like in cheap petrol for oversized cars.
    Historically, coal was mined by slave labourers (like in the UK) and used to run low-efficiency steam engines for transportation and industry.


    In Africa, today, solar competes favourably with diesel-powered generators says my source.

    The storage problem isn't solved, but there is work on temporary relief.
    Between .no and .eu/.uk there are cables, and will be more - so that .no hydro power can buffer the unpredictable wind power on the continent and post-Brexit UK. Backpumping of water in hydro power stations is another option which already is there, but which may be extended. So wind power can be accumulated as hydro power.

    Vanadium may be OK in Australia.

    I see from other sources there are projects working towards regenerating CO2 electrically into carbon-based fuels. Nothing can match hydrocarbons for energy density combined with such low toxicity. Big passenger or cargo planes can't be run on batteries, I think. I don't think the system can function well without transcontinental air transport.

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Re: Dirt cheap energy