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Feynman and I (07/05/18 06:35:48)
    Feynman was asked something to this effect: If there is one piece of scientific information to be preserved after total breakdown of civilisation - which information would that be? Feynman replied: The knowledge that the world is made of atoms.

    I strongly claim that he was mistaken.

    The idea that the world is made of atoms was made by pure speculation by the old Greeks. No scientific evidence - and even so the idea could be generated. It took centuries before the idea could be proved scientifically, and even longer to come to use. It has no use in daily life.

    I think a much more useful piece of information would be: There exist life forms that are so small that we cannot see them. This does have uses in daily life by answering some of the whys - the boiling of foods, the avoidance of touching sick animals, the fermentation of foods.

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