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Re: POS (29/12/13 20:47:14)
    Dear e,

    just out of curiosity: what is POS standing for? Provider Of Service?

    Usual meaning for POS is "Point Of Sale" application, which is the software and hardware needed to process e-money payments in the shops.

    Maybe your POS is something like this:

    It is somewhat normal that ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems are a disaster if the people trying to work in their setup are facing the job for the first time, or do not perfectly know where they want to go and from where they are starting. Typical work for a bunch of ultra-expensive consultants, chosen by no-one so that no-one is responsible when project becomes a real tarpit of shit.

    In my career I have still to see an ERP migration project successful (i.e. within-time and within-budget), when migration process is outsourced to a consulting company.

    And, sorry to say, but usually the more the shits gets deep, the more young and inexperienced "analysts" they usually throw in. (so that the "so called" good ones are not burned).


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