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Probably just going to rehearsal with this new piece of shi... pardon, machine :) (11/12/13 13:50:20) Reply
    But if you ever, for whatever reason, get yourself into a similar situation like me -- having a legal serial with its genuine but not-working "OEM" device (both of which you bought legally, that is), probably your best bet would be to apply yourself for (any) real help to the likely most attacked party regarding these issues -- MS itself, or their branchoffices (especially, so to speak, you being a "spammer" who doesn't want to have your fracking voice "recorded", what an irony of fate, again ;)

    I mean, seriously, http://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/14-windows-7-direct-download-links may be of real if not only legal help here.
    Just thought you might be interested...

    Seeing you as Experts of a kind btw, still one more question:
    where would you suggest one should go first to download some real genuine (and bootable! :) Linux 'distribution,' or how it's called?
    (being a real rookie in this regard, thanks for your reply in advance, more than certainly will need it myself :)

Re: Probably just going to rehearsal with this new piece of shi... pardon, machine :) (11/12/13 16:34:08) Reply
    I'm no expert, but I've been playing with Linux distributions and thrown away or burned in the oven (you'd be surprised at how much heat there is in the plastic of one single CD) several dozen - from debian 2.0 Hamm in 1998 and onwards.

    Just a few months ago I changed my main system from Windows to Kubuntu. Until then I found no Linux distribution that supported all my hardware (printers and scanner). I suppose Linux Mint is acceptable, but stay away from Mint Debian. You don't want it. Kubuntu, btw, is a PITA, but within my capabilities.

    One extra word of warning: Unless you have nothing to lose or are a real expert: Don't do dual boots on a system where you intend to do useful work. If you are going to have two operating systems on a machine: have one disk for each.

Re: Re: Probably just going to rehearsal with this new piece of shi... pardon, machine :) (11/12/13 19:26:24) Reply
    Thanks e, that was very informative of you
    (I also had a good laugh reading your first sentence above :)

    About the only thing in this respect I am concerned about at the moment is choosing the "right" distro to be bootable at least :) so I guess, whichever one I choose will, well, "work", hopefully :)
    Joking aside though, yes I'll probably go for and with Mint, thanks for the suggestion...

    Also special thanks for your warning on dual boots here, thou, myself, I don't plan much, if any, "serious" work around, in circumstances like these
    (both I lack personality and, believe it or not, the 'del' key on this new machine, as mister case has it, is already stuck, not to say broken; no reason for jealousy at least :))


If you are more into rpm types of Linux (11/12/13 19:28:21) Reply
    Have recommends Fedora. My objection is that Fedora is really bleeding edge - for the real experts with lots of basic education and experience. I'd rather suggest you go for one of the RedHat copies like Scientific Linux

    " is a Linux distribution produced by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). It is a free and open source operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and aims to be "as close to the commercial enterprise distribution as we can get it"


    It has all the smoothness of a full heavyweight commercial release. If you want to play music - like MP3s, you're in for some struggle. I have left some notes here on the subject - I had to search long for it before posting - and I'll have to use Google to find it here.

Re: Probably just going to rehearsal with this new piece of shi... pardon, machine :) (13/12/13 13:31:34) Reply
    Just found out that the links (I referred to so "enthusiastically" above) for legally downloading win os isos are not working, if they ever did.

    Unfortunately, or still not so, the ones I just tried (but probably all) are just hanging after a few MBs. (luckily, I'd say ;)

    Ufff... whats one to say to not say too little?
    Whatever the reason, probably best is for him to shut the fuck up immediately.

    Sorry for any inconveniences I/this may have caused.

    Best Regards :)

Re: Re: Probably just going to rehearsal with this new piece of shi... pardon, machine :) (13/12/13 14:48:08) Reply
    May have been too hasty here, seeing it still could be the browser problem or something else, not sure.

    If interested, you can learn more at http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/14709-Windows-7-Digital-River-direct-links-Multiple-Languages-X86-amp-X64/page74 (and more recent posts there as well as some other threads)


Re: Re: Re: Probably just going to rehearsal with this new piece of shi... pardon, machine :) (15/12/13 00:01:11) Reply
    Yea I was too hasty above, but only in blaming my browser or digitalriver for no reason or sending you to some morons "to learn more" ;)

    Namely, fyi, I've normally succeded in downloding that big iso file from digitalriver, worked like a charm today, so the issue had probably had to do something with their servers or even the network maybe, but transiently anyway.
    (Whether this file will work is another matter of course, haven't tried it yet nor will hurry up probably)

    Just thought you should get informed..

    Greets :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Probably just going to rehearsal with this new piece of shi... pardon, machine :) (15/12/13 09:50:18) Reply
    If I'm not bothering, just burned and verified the file I'd downloaded, worked a treat :)

    I also entered a few steps into this (bootable!) Setup and really can't tell the original from this one
    (exited it prematurely ofcourse, because this, even as just a "trial" version, can serve us well in case of say "disaster"; I mean, if I'd had it a few days ago, boy... ;)

    Now probably time for me to really stfu :)

POS (18/12/13 19:20:57) Reply
    A very interesting discussion on Register.
    I suppose most people here read it, but anyway


    At work we are struggling with a real POS lab data system. Now a new one has been announced, for the entire region. It is a top-down exercise, so the different labs don't receive special treatment. All are equally important, you know, so no special treatment for any (except for those that are really important (read: politically fashionable)).

    Ah, software houses.

Re: POS (29/12/13 20:47:14) Reply
    Dear e,

    just out of curiosity: what is POS standing for? Provider Of Service?

    Usual meaning for POS is "Point Of Sale" application, which is the software and hardware needed to process e-money payments in the shops.

    Maybe your POS is something like this:

    It is somewhat normal that ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems are a disaster if the people trying to work in their setup are facing the job for the first time, or do not perfectly know where they want to go and from where they are starting. Typical work for a bunch of ultra-expensive consultants, chosen by no-one so that no-one is responsible when project becomes a real tarpit of shit.

    In my career I have still to see an ERP migration project successful (i.e. within-time and within-budget), when migration process is outsourced to a consulting company.

    And, sorry to say, but usually the more the shits gets deep, the more young and inexperienced "analysts" they usually throw in. (so that the "so called" good ones are not burned).


which linux (24/12/13 11:34:32) Reply
    I am happy with Ubuntu, always on lenovo professional notebooks (i now have a T510)
    I always had dual boot systems, and i can say that ubuntu is quite good in that, provided that you install it AFTER windows, and from within windows, with WUBI tool. You can go with an installation with disk-on-file filesystem. I do not suggest to resize partitions if you are not enough expert and feel confident in being able to manage some potential troubles.

    If your ram is <= 4Gb, go with 32 bit version.

    Depending on your device, dont expect you will have all the drivers perfectly detect all your hardware, or to be able to use many advanced powersaving features.


Re: which linux (24/12/13 22:51:55) Reply
    I may have gone for Ubuntu too ;)

    Just a word for the "uninitiated":

    You may need to press the enter key or something as soon as that "splash" screen appears, else...

    But thanks again anyway,
    All the best :)
thank you too, marco :)

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