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Happy new year for y'all (02/01/19 00:35:15) Reply
    I've rarely been here during the last months - however, I'm always relieved in some way when I find this place still in existence...

    Wish you all the best!

Re: Happy new year for y'all (12/01/19 22:16:55) Reply
    Happy new year to you too and to all others.

    Interesting times ahead.

    I feel softness of attitudes dwindling after I discovered that a friend for almost 50 years had become a nazi. In the end being old friends was not enough. I was "some of the people almost all the time".

    Better to spend time in the company of nice people.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Look_Who%27s_Back_(film) (20/01/19 19:18:59) Reply
    nice people are "some of the people almost all the time" and vice versa.
    its no mystery it was "a box office success".
    the irony...

come again

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