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    The meaning of life in the religious way seems like reward seeking from the deity - for being pious; for saying the right prayers at the right times; for keeping up with more or less functional demands like food rules or dress codes, and for paying one's dues to the clerics. The reward could be eternal life and eternal happiness. It is really a business transaction: I do this, and the deity rewards me and punishes me according to my deeds and attitudes.

    In Pontoppidan's elaboration of Luther's catechism there is a lot about the meaning of life.

    It is tyranny from the top, and the punishments for any deviation from the right faith were really harsh. No escape at the bottom when priests were monitoring sex and reproduction, and newborn children and their mothers were regarded as impure the newborn child was still a heathen.

    Finding meaning of life does not need religion or advanced knowledge. But I admit: I would not easily or at all find the meaning of life if my situation were dominated by poverty, violence, lies and exploitation.


    I have not read up on the latest models for pre-biological synthesis of nucleotides and amino acids; I stopped when I was reminded that heavy metals are essential for life.

    The Feynman quotation is taken as one of the starting points of nanotechnology. It wasn't about politics or society, it was about physics.

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