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Re: Feynman and I (29/05/18 19:30:10)
    "There exist life forms that are so small that we cannot see them"

    I agree, we can only perceive the world in terms of what we know, the formation of atoms as a concept was speaking to a greater depth of understanding, like building blocks to an unknown world.

    Ultimately all things exist as thoughts, and dissecting what a thought is you will find that its the result that arises when consciousness meets an object, so a state which can't be observed objectively if it makes sense, can only be indicated by an object(to those with wondrous minds), and the destination starts with the indicative object and flows in the direction pointed to, to discover for them selves the elements of that state of mind.

    A new world which is not familiar to those that were to timid to take the journey has to be communicated to them in turns of what they know, because even you will find it hard to articulate the emotions

    If we were both to touch an open light bulb socket, and suppose we get electrocuted we will both have some sort of unknown communication between us based on our experience but would find it hard to communicate it to someone who has not been electrocuted

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Re: Feynman and I