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its been a while (22/01/19 23:54:04) Reply
    Its been a while since i have come here, 2018 was a year that i personally experienced that two edged sword that is love, love for what or who you may ask?

    Does it really matter thou, as i recite the ancient teachings of the bhagavad gita

    May you all find what you are looking for in the year ahead, and if you already have, bless you for who you are

Re: its been a while (30/01/19 13:24:53) Reply
    Finding what we were looking for? My experience is that early successes may be more of a curse than of a blessing. My desires were and are simple - and out of reach. So I had to learn a lot more.

    I predict that the time will come. Cowering or hibernating is useless, though.

    My fortune lies in employers and women who did not want me.

come again

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